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small wooden hot tub powered by firewood
Hot Tub Range, Dimensions
Wood-Fired Hot Tub, Small, Fire
Hot Tub, Small, Above
Wood-Fired Water Heater, Hot Tub
Wood-Fired Water Heater with Cooktop
Wood-Fired Water Heater Door
Hot Tub Cupholders
Hot Tub Paddle
Wood-Fired Hot Tub - Fire
Small Hot Tub with Hard Cover
Hot Tub Timber Panels
Wood-Fired Water Heater
Hot Tub Flue
Hot Tub Liner
Small Hot Tub with Hard Cover Closed
Hot Tub Side
Wood-Fired Hot Tub - Small (1.5m Oval)
Wood-Fired Hot Tub - Small (1.5m Oval)
Wood-Fired Hot Tub - Small (1.5m Oval)
Wood-Fired Hot Tub - Small (1.5m Oval)
Wood-Fired Hot Tub - Small (1.5m Oval)
Wood-Fired Hot Tub - Small (1.5m Oval)
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everything you need to know about Ember

easy install in (almost) any location

Dan, Noni and Sienna enjoying the small wood-fired hot tub (1.5m oval) at their bush block in Apollo Bay.

Ember Hot Tubs

🇦🇺 Designed and crafted right here in Australia

🪵 Built with native Australian hardwood (spotted gum timber)

💰 30-day buy-back guarantee (it's important to us that you love your tub!)

⭐ 100's of happy customers (check us out on Google!)

✅ 3-sizes available

⚙️ Quick & easy install (1 hour, no tools or skills required)

🚚 Australia-wide delivery

🏡 Install in almost anywhere thanks to Ember's modular design (fits through narrow gateways)

🔌 Electricity free (all you need is a garden hose!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Couldn’t imagine not having one!

I ordered an ember tub for my husbands 40th birthday present. We use it pretty much every weekend. You can heat it up on Friday and just keep topping it up every now and then to stay hot for the rest of the weekend. It’s incredibly simple to use and put together. I was worried about it not being sturdy enough (as they are designed to be able to move around) and we wanted ours as a permanent fixture, but it’s incredibly solid and sturdy. On our initial setup we had some problems with some of the parts and Chris and Daniel were incredible and took care of everything straight away. We’re so happy to purchase from a company who cares that their customers are happy. It looks amazing in our country homestead so we really couldn’t be more happy. Highly recommend!

Carol F.
Hot Tub Heaven

Absolutely blissful soaking in our ember hot tub- soothing away all our aches and pains enjoying our stunning view of the Cathedral Ranges whilst sipping or gulping on a beverage 🥂🍹
Highly recommend ember - the entire process from purchase to set up was painless and professional
We just love our Ember Hot Tub 🔥

Best present EVER!

My hubby purchased the conversationalist for my birthday this year as an extra special surprise. I’d been wanting a wood fired tub for literally years and it has not disappointed. We virtually live in it and it’s been such a wonderful way to reconnect. So easy to set up and use. I would never have thought I’d spend most of my winter nights outside in Creswick! We ran in to a few hick ups but the boys couldn’t get here quick enough to fix it up. All round amazing product and even better service. Don’t hesitate. Get yourself one now!

Great service , great product

Love my outdoor bath. I don’t have a lot of space so it’s great that it’s portable so I can pack it away in summer but use in winter.

Had a look at a few outdoor baths - the great advantage of ember products is the large fire basket with chimney. You can add lots of wood to heat the bath quicker, the chimney exhaust means you’re away from the smoke and the follow up service and care is outstanding! They seem to really care about their products and customers and are willing to travel to help. Happy customer.