Sadly most of us haven't often experienced the concept of a wood-fired hot tub or cold plunge pool. Here are some answers to the most common questions we get asked.
How Does It Work?

The process of using your hot tub is as simple as:

1. Plug in your garden hose to the connection point (it's the same point that the tub drains from)

2. Fill with water (cover the hose that connects to the top of the heater)

3. Light the fire (suggest lots of firelighters if you're not too proud!).

4. Keep it roaring for a few hours (Small wood pieces & lots of flame = faster heat up.)

5. Stir every half hour (try to lift the colder water from the deep)
Ease off on the wood at around 35 degrees.

6. Jump in at your desired temperature (most people 36-40 degrees)
To tweak the temperature; add cold water or fuel the fire.

Hot Tip: Try lighting the fire the night before a tub session. This will slightly pre-warm the water in advance. Be sure to leave the cover on overnight.

How Long Does It Take To Heat Up?

Smallest tub; 1-3 hours.
Largest tub; 5-6 hours.

Reheating is faster.

The biggest factor for fast heat up is using small and very dry (seasoned properly) pieces of good quality firewood.

What About Water Quality?

Most people find it simplest to refill the tub after a period of time.

Some people add bromine or chlorine to help make the water last longer.

There is an optional pump & filter ($350). This helps with keeping the water clear for many weeks at a time.

What About the Weather?

Cold rainy days make for some of the best times in your tub!

Does It Need Electricity?

None, zero, zilch. Our hot tubs and cold plunges are completely off-grid design. (Excluding electric filter pump optional add-on.)

How Do I Control the Temperature?

It’s very simple, keep the fire well-fueled during the heat up stage, then ease back on adding firewood just before you reach your desired temperature.

There is a temperature gauge to help.

Should I Stir the Water?

Yes, during the heat up stage it helps to stir the water every 30-60 minutes to get an even distribution of heat. We will provide a cute paddle that does the trick perfectly.

Are Ther Air Jets?

No. The sound of a crackling fire is much more relaxing than a rumbling fan motor.

What Are the Options for Shipping/Delivery?

1. Anywhere in Australia:

Collect your tub from the nearest depot.

2. Most areas in Australia:

Have your tub delivered to your door via courier.

3. Selected Cities around Australia:

Full turn-key service with delivery and installation by our team. Currently available in parts of Victoria, ACT, NSW and SA.

You will see your options at checkout (based on your address).

What About Access?

We've never yet encountered a doorway that our tubs couldn't be carried through!

Where Can I Place My Tub?

Almost any location. It just needs to be accessible on foot, have a reasonably level surface that is minimum 3m x 3m, and access to clean water (E.g. A garden hose).

Any ventilated area with sufficient load-bearing capacity is perfect (Lawns, patios, decks, paddocks, driveways etc)

What If I'm Not Home For Delivery?

We'll communicate with you to arrange a suitable delivery window.

What Size Vehicle Will My Tub Fit Into?

We've seen some creative hatchback drivers fit tubs in!

But generally we suggest station wagon or bigger (or trailer).

The tubs pack into about 6 boxes, which are each the size of a large microwave.

Is There Much Smoke?

In most conditions smoke is minimal. Dry firewood in small pieces is best to ensure a clean burn.

Is It Safe For Children?

It is the customers responsibility to operate the product safely (and manage hazards to children such as those associated with fire and water).

The tubs come with the following warning:


“WARNING! Children have drowned in portable swimming pools. Ensure active adult supervision at all times. Do not leave children unsupervised in or around the pool—keep them within arms’ reach. Empty and store safely after use.”

What If It's a Total Fire Ban Day?

Check with your local fire authority for definitive advice.

The fireplace is fully enclosed, and most regulations make provisions for enclosed fires.

Keep in mind that there are on average less than 15 Total Fire Ban days per year in Australia.

For hires: If necessary, we will offer you either extended, rescheduled or refunded hire. You’ll find we are always very flexible.

Does it Require a Fence?

Please contact your local council for temporary or permanent fencing requirements.

We recommend treating our hot tubs like 'outdoor bath tubs that are used for hygienic purposes and drained after use'.

Terms & Conditions
Where can I find Ember Hot Tub's terms and conditions and privacy policy?

You can find them by clicking on 'Terms of Service' or 'Privacy Policy' at the bottom of the page during checkout.

Does Ember have insurances?

Yep, fully insured with Products and Public Liability.

What warranty is provided for my tub purchase?

Tub Liner = 10 Years

Other Components = 2 Years

Pre-loved = Assessed on a case-by-case basis (typically 12 months).

Check out our many 5 star reviews. We strive to always leave a customer smiling!