UPDATE! New Aussie Built Wood-Fired Heating Unit 🔥🪵

We are thrilled to announce the recent update to our renowned wood-fired heating unit, and we can't wait to share the exciting features and improvements with you. Our wood-fired heating unit has been revamped and is now locally manufactured right here in Geelong, ensuring the highest quality and supporting our local community.

One of the standout enhancements to our wood-fired heating unit is the addition of a sleek glass door on the front. This new feature not only adds a touch of modern elegance to the unit but also provides a fantastic opportunity for you to gather around and enjoy the cozy warmth while your hot tub heats up. It's the perfect addition to elevate your outdoor relaxation experience.

We've also upgraded the unit with durable stainless steel materials, ensuring its longevity and resistance to wear and tear. The stainless steel construction not only adds a stylish touch to the unit but also enhances its durability, making it an excellent investment for years to come.

To showcase our confidence in the quality of our product, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive 2-year warranty on the wood-fired heating unit. We stand behind our craftsmanship and want to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that we have you covered should any unexpected issues arise.

We are genuinely excited about these improvements and believe that they will greatly enhance your wood-fired heating experience. Visit our store or browse our website to explore the new features, learn more about the benefits, and place your order today!

Chris Mingah 

Co-Founder Ember Hot Tubs