Grampians Trail Running and Hike Summit - Hot Tub/Cold Plunge Therapy

What's better than jumping into a wood-fired hot tub after an exhausting session of trail running and hiking? I can't think of too many things!

The rugged and picturesque Grampians National Park was the most recent location for a few Ember hot tubs and cold plunges. The purpose, to provide some much-needed hot and cold therapy to a group of achy and tired trail runners and hikers.

This group braved up to 25km of trail running and hiking in one day. Once the physical activity was complete, back to the accommodation it was and straight into the hot tubs! There was plenty of jumping between the hot tub and cold tub for a bit 'hot/cold therapy', with rumours surfacing that groups stayed in the hot tub for over 3 hours (I'm sure a couple of beverages were consumed by this stage!).

Here's what the event organiser had to say about the Ember experience!

"We had about 40 people for a weekend of trail running and hiking, and the tubs were an absolute hit - and a complete surprise! Everyone wanted a go, so we definitely squeezed in. The cool ice bath made for a great recovery session with guests as well, and had people to-ing and fro-ing between the two tubs."

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