5 hidden costs of owning a hot tub/spa that will shock you! (Not knowing these could cost you $10,000s!)

So you're thinking about buying a spa/hot tub (I'll use these terms interchangeably throughout). But do the pros outweigh the cons?

The purpose of this blog is to shed some light on the costs associated with spa ownership, from delivery, set-up, operation, maintenance and removal (yes even removal! Lots of people are giving their old spas away, just have a look on Facebook Marketplace).

Your preferences will differ from the next person, so there may be some trade-offs you're willing to make to ensure you get what's right for you.

Buying a spa or hot tub will cost you between $10,000 - $20,000 on average, so you want to make sure the associated costs (which can quickly add up) don't send you broke!

Hopefully, I’ve intrigued you enough to read on.

Chris - Co-Founder, Ember Hot Tubs

1. Electricity Costs 

Let’s start with the cost that everyone already knows about, electricity.

It is estimated that electric spas can chew through $50-$100 of electricity every month. That is approximately $600 - $1200 annually.

Obviously this will depend on the model of spa and how often you use it (plus how much you pay for electricity) but it is definitely something to consider before making your purchase. If bubbles and jets are important to you, then maybe you’re willing to wear the additional cost of electricity associated with an electric spa.

However, if you're looking for something that is electricity free, maybe a wood-fired option is more up your alley.

Ember Hot Tubs are all wood- fired and electricity free and can be a great option for those with access to firewood and enjoy the natural elements.

2. Installation and Delivery Costs

Most spas are large and bulky and require the use of a truck, crane (or worse yet a helicopter, yes a helicopter!) for delivery. Plus expensive trades (electricians and plumbers to name a few) to install them on location.

It is estimated that most hot tubs and spas will cost you at least an additional $2000 in delivery and installation.

Ember Hot Tubs are 100% modular (can even fit into the back of a station wagon!), transportable through narrow gateways and easy to assemble (2 people, 1-hour, no tools or trades needed!).

Oh and if you decide to move property in the future you can easily take it with you, no need to use an expensive removalist (we’ll chat about this more later). Even take it with you to your holiday house or on your camping trip!

 3. Landscaping Costs

Landscaping costs can also add to the overall cost of spa ownership. Most traditional spas and hot tubs need a completely level cement base (or similar) prior to installation.

Obviously you can try and attempt this yourself but a professional landscaper could cost you additional hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Ember Hot Tubs come standard with a proprietary base system that allows you to set them up on almost any surface, no landscaping required.

You can plonk your Ember Hot Tub straight onto your back lawn without any need for landscaping.

But if you’re feeling a bit fancy, create a simple little pad with some crushed rock or pavers.

4. Ongoing Maintenance Costs

If you don’t want to manage your own water quality, you’ll need to outsource this to a trained professional. Spa maintenance and chemicals can cost you an additional $50-$100 per month (or $600 - $1200 annually).

If you're into a more natural bathing experience and want to minimise the use of chemicals, then maybe a smaller bath tub that can be drained after use is more suited to you.

The smallest Ember Hot Tub holds approximately 500L of water and is often used similar to a bath, without the use of chemicals. After use, simply drain onto your lawn and garden.

5. Removal Costs

We all think that we'll keep all of our shiny new things forever but there might come a time when your treasure turns into trash.

All you have to do is look through Facebook Marketplace and people are giving away their old spas for free (as long as you collect it and cover the expense of course!).

To have your old spa removed by a professional can cost you anywhere up to $1000.

I'd be guessing as to why so many people are giving away their old spas (there is a whole industry of spa removalists!) but maybe it has something to do with the ongoing maintenance and cost, or they simply don't use it anymore.

Ember Hot Tubs are 100% modular and can be moved to different properties with ease (no need to call in the professionals!)

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